Nov 092020

Wine is classified by the following means:

  • Origin
  • Vinification Method
  • Sweetness

The word “vintage” comes from the word “vin” which means wine in French and “age” which refers to the years in which the wine was harvested.

A dirty bottle stored in the basement is not always vintage wine. Wine is called vintage wine depending on the year of harvesting the grapes were used to make the wine. Some of the years are called good years because of the optimal conditions to harvest grapes and wine made from grapes of those year is believed to have better taste then the wine made from grapes of other years.

The year of harvesting has a lot of effect on the taste of the wine and hence it affects the price of the wine. The vineyards put the year of production of wine on the label of the wine, so that the buyers may know the quality of the wine.

Weather conditions also affect the taste of the wine and hence weather at different place is different at the same time. Therefore, vintage is also affected by the origin of the wine.  For example a year may be good vintage for Bordeaux wines but it may not be good for burgundy.

Age is not one of the factors affecting the price of a wine. The age of the wine does affect the price of a few wines but it is not a general rule.

For the buyers who are not familiar with vintage wine, vintage charts were made. From a vintage chart the consumer can see the best vintages to buy or drink in a specific year. Vintage charts also indicate when the wine has reached maturity and is ready for drinking.

Vintage wine is usually very expensive and can have prices up to £5000 or more a bottle. Sometimes vintage wine is sold at auction because of the antiquity of the wine. You can easily find vintage wine on the internet. However, if you want to buy vintage wine online, then you should seek for a store that sells only vintage wine and has a good reputation on the internet. If you are not an experienced wine buyer then you can hire a wine appraiser to make the decision for you. Compare suppliers of vintage wine before deciding what to buy.


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