Dec 222020

A wine case usually has 12 standard wine bottles, containing a toal of 9 litres of wine. Buying wine by the case can save you a lot of money. Here are a few reasons why is it preferable to buy wine by the case.

1. Shipping charges

Shipping charges are normally decreased when you buy wine by the case. Suppose you are shopping for wine on the internet and a store sends a delivery for £15 to your area. Whether you buy one bottle on buy a case, it will be £15 for the shipping. Hence buying wine by the case can save a lot of shipping charges.

2. Bulk discount

At most of the online stores, when you buy a wine case the price per single bottle decreases 10-10% from that of a single purchased bottle.  A store might selling a bottle of wine for £20 but the price of a case of the same wine is £200. A case has 12 bottles so you save almost £3 per bottle. If you search more you can find even better deals for buying wine by the case.  You can see here to compare the costs of online wine delivery.

3. Seasonal discount

Many wines are seasonal. For example you have to pay premium for certain red wines at Christmas. The price of Mulled wine may increase by twenty percent in the weeks before Christmas.  Wine does not spoil so there is no harm in buying a case and keeping it in the garage.  In this way, if the seasonal price of a wine is high, you will not be affected.

Before you decide to buy a wine case make sure that you are familiar with its taste. Even if you have read and heard positive about some wine does not mean that you will like. Trying with one bottle or try at a local bar can be easy. After you have tasted the wine and you think that you like it, you can order a case.

Another benefit of buying wine by the case is that you will not have to rush to the shops in case if you have guests coming.


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