Feb 102021

Interested in fine wine online?  Buying wine is an art and one learns the tips and tricks to buy fine wine with time. Here are 10 tips for you if you are going to buy wine on the internet for the first time.

1. Safe payment

If you want to buy wine on the internet then the first thing you need is a safe payment method. You will not essentially need a secure payment method while dealing with an established wine store, but keeping yourself safe is never bad.

2. Think local

While searching fine wine online it is a good idea to use the city name you live in. It will help you in finding deals from stores in your city. Like if you live Birmingham, type “fine wine online Birmingham” in search engines.

3. Established merchant are safe

While you can buy win from independent sellers, it is always safe to buy from established wine stores on the internet.  See here to compare prices and reductions from wine retailers.

4.Shop around

Compare the prices of wines on several online stores to see where you can find the best deal. You can also search for sales.

5. Research

When you decide the online store to buy wine from, search on the internet for the store’s reputation. Uses phrases like “Shop name scam” or “Shop name review”.

6. Price does not equal quality

A hideously overpriced bottle might seem fine if the wine is 30 year old Bordeaux. However, a higher price does not always imply better quality or taste. Read the descriptions to understand what wine you are buying.

7. Go through Catalogues

Many of the online wine stores have catalogue, take time to see these catalogues. You might find something better than what you were expecting.

8. Is shipping free

While calculating the cost of the wine, make sure that you add the price of shipping.

9. Build a relationship

When you order your first wine then develop a relationship with the store. Whenever, you have to buy wine, you can easily go to the store and search for it.

10. Enjoy

Do not forget to enjoy the wine after such a meticulous effort! And let us know how it was…


Any thoughts or questions? What is your best meal/wine combination?

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