Dec 292020

Wine is one of the most traded things on the internet and if you are lucky enough, you can find yourself a great deal. However, one has to be careful while buying wine on the internet. Following are some of the things you should do while buying wine online.

1. Escrow is the best option

If you are dealing with independent buyers then you should never pay up front. People on the internet scam buyers by taking their money and never sending the goods to them or sending them goods of poor quality. A seller will also wish to be secure and will not send you his wine without any guarantee that you will pay. The best way to tackle such a situation is that you should escrow the payment to a third party escrow company. The escrow company will give the seller a heads up that you have paid and that the seller can send the wine to you. If then, you like the wine you can release the payment to the seller or else send his wine back and take your money from the escrow.

2. A price too good to be true

Buying wine online one can fine very good offers. However, if you feel that a price is too good to be true then probably it is. Scam artist set the price extremely to lure the buyers. However, if you are dealing with an online wine shop and they are having a sale then you can buy at very low prices.

3. Established stores are less risky

The thing about buying wine online is that you do not have any face to face interaction and just an electronic address is all what you have. Some of the scam artists use fake labels or use real bottles and change the wine. So unless you are an experienced wine buyer, you should deal with established wine stores on the internet.  Click here to compare reviews of reputable wine shops.


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