Jan 052021

Saint-Émilon is located on the Right Bank of the Dordogne River, east of Pomerol, and is the largest of the Bordeaux wine regions.  Its vineyards stretch across approximately 13,000 acres, representing 6% of the overall vineyards of the Bordeaux.  Annually, the region produces 36 million bottles of wine. Saint-Émilion produces exclusively red wine, which is known for being robust, and quick maturing.

Saint-Émilion‘s soil is comprised of limestone, clay, and occasionally gravel. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes do not grow well in this environment, and Merlot is the dominant grape.  However Cabernet Franc is frequently cultivated in Saint-Émilion, as well.  This results in red wines that are smoother, and less tannic, than the Cabernet Sauvignon based wines of the Médoc.

Saint-Émilion Chateaux

  • Chateau Ausone
  • Chateau Cheval Blanc
  • Chateau Angelus
  • Chateau Belair
  • Chateau Trottevieille

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